About the Blog

I started NaomiRowan.com in 2016 as an outlet to share many of the things I’m passionate about. Beautylifestyle and more recently, blogging tips. I try to spread positivity in any way I can, and my blog is a way of doing that.

If you love makeup and skincare, you’re after some handy life-hacks or maybe you’re an aspiring blogger yourself, then you’re going to feel at home here. I love sharing nitty-gritty reviews, tips and tricks, advice and anything else I hope you’ll love!

By no means am I an expert in beauty, or am telling you how to live your life. I am just sharing what has worked for me, and what I hope may be helpful to you! And I am always open to feedback and suggestions.

My blog was born when I realised I had not sat down and written something substantial in about a year. There was no reason to, I had finished school, was working full time and working a lot on my singing. (I may write a post on this at some point.) I needed a place that I could write what I wanted, when I wanted. A place where I was in control and could take credit for any/all the success it had. Something to be proud of, created purely by me.


About Me

So hi! I’m a 19 year old from Scotland who loves writing (no surprises there) and singing. I hope to train in classical voice soon, but will keep the blogging up. It’s such a great way of disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life, and connecting with a super supportive group of readers and fellow bloggers. I absolutely love getting in touch with people through Twitter, so please do send me a message and connect!

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