Holiday Wishlist: Swimwear

Holiday Wishlist: Swimwear

I’ve booked a holiday to Madeira! I am so excited, you have no idea. Sooo I thought I would start looking at potential purchases now!

I’ve been needing something to look forward to, between working and studying. Something relaxing, maybe a little warmer than here? (Living in hope.) So we’ve done it! my boyfriend and I have booked our first holiday together, and it will be the first time I’ve been abroad in 8 long years. Phew.

We’re going to Madeira, a Portuguese Island off the North-West coast of Africa, and I have about 6 months to prepare as we are going at the end of February 2017. That may seem like a long way away, but it gives me plenty of time to start looking for exactly what I want to take with me!

Even before we’d officially booked it, I had been looking at stuff I’ll need (okay some of it is more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’) for my holiday, namely hand-luggage-sized suitcases, bikinis and prepaid cards. Please comment with any suggestions of anything you took on holiday or used in holiday preparation!

I’m thinking of maybe making this a mini-series. it will be dependent on my research and what I have found so posts may be irregular unless stated otherwise later on.


The only piece of swimwear I own is a black, triangle bikini. Mainly because I never have a reason to wear one here in Scotland, but I feel I have to own one to be partially accepted into society. I’ve been looking for something a little less vanilla!

Zig-Zag Print Bikini

Topshop High waisted Bikini

I really like the idea of a high waisted bikini, partly because I have put on a bit of weight recently and am very body-conscious, and partly because I feel like they are coming into fashion. They are almost kind-of retro. I hope a high waisted bikini will be flattering and pull me in in the right places.

I also love the balcony and halter style, I find them pretty and they don’t require big-boobs with deep cleavages to look gorgeous if you know what I mean. Not that you can’t wear a plunge style if you aren’t a C-cup plus, but I definitely feel more comfortable in a balcony-style.

This set is available here for £32 from Topshop, which i think is actually pretty reasonable, especially if it is well-made.


Plait Detailed Bandeau Bikini Top

Plait Detail Bandeau Bikini.PNG

Available from Topshop (here) for £10.

I always feel tempted by the bandeaus, but am a little scared of them. I don’t imagine them being supportive and would likely be scared of it slipping.However, this halter strap would make me feel more secure and is pretty too.

I wouldn’t look quite as stunning in it as a model…but I hope it would be flattering anyway.

Burgundy Bikini Top

Burgundy Bikini Top

You can’t go wrong with a little push-up and support to make you feel more confident! This one is available in Red, Black or Apricot, but I am trying to veer away from solid blacks as I already have a black bikini, and I’m not sure if the coral would compliment my pale skin-tone! (I haven’t actually bought it, but I’m considering it!)

you can buy it from H&M here.

Triangle Bikini Top in Rust

Rust Bikini TopMy current favourite top is from New Look, a high-neck, long sleeved, ribbed top in a very similar colour to this! No wonder it caught my eye. I think the scalloped detail is extremely girly and pretty too.

You can buy it from H&M for £12.99.

Click  here!

Patterned Kaftan

Patterned Kaftan

Just imagine how elegant you would look by the pool in this! Bikini on, Kaftan flowing behind you and keeping you cool! Well that’s how I imagine it anyway…

You can get this from H&M for £19.99.

In my over-eager holiday research, I discovered a great post by City Girl Blog: Pack Like a Pro: Holiday Checklist. Her checklist really does include everything you should ever need to consider when going on a sunny holiday, so that is a great help!

I also discovered this pre-holiday hair and beauty timetable on the Hello Magazine site, which is actually fabulous, and I will definitely try to do some of the things on there before I go away!

Please let me know of anything I should consider getting; be it tanners or hair masks for holiday prep, bikini’s or kaftans, hand-luggage, pre-paid cards, sunglasses or travel document folders – anything!

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