The Body Shop: Eyes cube

The Body Shop: Eyes cube

I often forget about the things I use almost every day, so when I was using this the other night I figured I should let you guys know about it! 

I remember buying this in The Body Shop, basically because there was a sale on and I wanted to get another stamp on my loyalty card… Also, I’d been seeing advertisements about the benefits of vitamin E to your skin and hair everywhere so I kinda wanted to see what the hype was about.


Left: Benefit It’s Potent eye cream is another eye cream I use sometimes, but it isn’t quite as refreshing as the Eyes Cube. Bottom Right: I use Dramatically different moisturizing lotion by Clinique almost every night alongside the Eyes Cube.

I was also drawn in by the branding; Eyes cube, a play on the word ice cube. I sometimes find my eyes get sore or feel quite hot after a long day at work, or if I’ve had a lot of eye makeup on and haven’t been quite gentle enough in taking it off. The idea of something being like an ice cube on my tired eyes was definitely very enticing.

As far as the product goes, you twist the product up to use it, and it is a hard stick and leaves a thin film of product on your skin. It doesn’t tug your skin at all as it just glides on, and it sits nice and lightly on the skin which are both good factors for the sensitive eye area.

I just looked it up and it costs £9 from the Body Shop website! Okay that’s not very expensive but if I hadn’t tried or tested it before I’d be unlikely to spend that much on such a small product. It hasn’t lessened my under-eye circles, but it is lovely and moisturizing and no matter how warm my bedroom is, it always feel so refreshingly icy. I put it on my clean face after moisturizing just before I go to sleep and it feels so lovely and soothing. I think I might have to buy my boyfriend his own one as every time he sees me using it he gives me a puppy look, willing me to put it on his eyes…

This product is also mentioned in another post: What’s in my Washbag? It’d be great if you could check it out! A mixtures of newbies I wanted to try and some old favourites.

Please let me know if there are any products you love and use daily. I would love to hear about them! Or comment to say hi!

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