Seventeen Blush // New Favourite?

Seventeen Blush // New Favourite?

I was sent this blusher free when I bought a couple of Seventeen concealers. Here’s what I thought!

This is definitely one of the cheapest products in my collection so far at only £2.99 from Boots. There are a few shades of this Blush Powder on the Boots website, but when you hover over the icon for the Nude shade, it looks like an icy, girly, pink – not something I would typically buy. It is in reality much more of a dusky/nude/pink which I think is a much more flattering and diverse colour.

My favourite use for this is to carve out my cheekbones just a little. I rarely use bronzers to do this as it just looks unnatural on my pale, untanned skin, but I sometimes used a cool-toned contour. Sometimes I find this ends up looking like I just have a dirty face if you are looking at my face side-on…I’m probably not very good at applying it. This blusher however is more forgiving and makes the shadow look much more natural on me, and at the same time gives my face a little more healthy colour.

I also like to use this to create an almost pink/nude smokey eye look which can either be subtle and pretty or built up to be more dramatic with the addition of some deeper eye-shadows at the crease.

Ironically I never quite used this as a blusher, I placed it slightly lower than I would a blush (where I would apply a cool-toned contour under the cheekbone) or I used it as an eyeshadow. I got a few compliments when I combined the two uses for the one product one day, so that’s always a plus!

This was a surprise find as I was sent it free as I had bought a couple other Seventeen products (some kind of deal on the Boots site at that time) but I am SO GLAD I have it! I would never have picked it from the site as the little icon for it’s shade is so inaccurate and not a colour I would buy without seeing it in the flesh as it were. But the actual shade is glorious. It’s opened my eyes a bit too as it wasn’t something I really wanted, I most likely wouldn’t have sought it out in a shop. But as I was sent it anyway I thought I may as well experiment with it – which was so much fun!


Pros Cons
INCREDIBLY CHEAP (£2.99) Doesn’t always last all day
Beautiful neutral/nude shade Not extremely pigmented
Versatile! Especially good as a cheekbone contour (if you’re pale)  or eyeshadow Doesn’t look the same shade as advertised on the site

Would I buy it again? Yes! I’ve read that the pan doesn’t last very long so I will probably have to, but that’s not a problem at £2.99. I love this shade way more than I anticipated, I’m not big on blushers as I’ve often found them pink in an unnatural way, but this product is so diverse! Since I got it, I’ve used it almost every day in one way or another – so it’s exceeded my expectations and made me more open to experimenting! Big yes!

Have you tried something that’s exceeded your expectations or has been extremely versatile? I’d love to hear! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@naomirowan_blog) to keep updated on posts to come!


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  1. July 18, 2016 / 11:15 pm

    It’s a nice blush! I don’t like blushes that are too pink, so this would be a perfect colour. I love that you use it for different purposes too. x

    • July 18, 2016 / 11:52 pm

      Me either, I’m not into really pink ones but this is so dusky and nude! Super cheap too x

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